Pre-Construction Services

When looking for a professional project management company, you want a team that has long-term experience and tenured contractors. Being in business for almost 50 years, we understand the construction process starts well before the ground is excavated.

Turn to our pre-construction services to see where you can save money before committing to a huge, commercial project. With experience in construction projects including retail stores, offices, and restaurants, we know how to build your structure correctly and within budget.

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Our Pre-Construction Services Include:

1. Estimating

From the initial design to blocking the concrete forms, our pre-construction management company knows that every minute counts as cash. Allow us to estimate your material and labor costs as your professional project management company.

We can pinpoint potential problems, such as local weather forecasts during construction, and find cost-effective solutions before breaking ground. Your budget is constantly analyzed to maximize the best pre-construction services, from surveying the area to leveling the soil.

2. Value And Sustainable Construction

Once we form a desirable plan for construction, we look it over for any values that may be substituted. For example, a pre-construction management company must look for materials at the best price.

If there is a material that the property owner desires, such as marble, our talented project management employees quickly look for the needed material at a reasonable price.

A substitution may be suggested if it is more cost-effective but does not affect the overall structural quality. Pre-construction services also look for green alternatives for environmental safety and longevity.

3. Constructability

As a top pre-construction management company, we know that designs are shared between electrical, plumbing and architectural designers.

Creating a cohesive document, we evaluate all of the project’s parameters to verify constructability. For example, contractors on the job may find that an air conditioning duct directly impedes a hot water pipe.

Because these two items cannot be close for safety’s sake, our evaluation addresses these issues before they become big problems on the job site. With little mistakes to encounter on the job, contractors are able to complete the job efficiently and within budget.

Use Stovall for Your Pre-Construction Services

We pride ourselves on loyal customers with quality work at each project. Contact us today to discuss your next project. Our hard-working contractors have safety and your budget as top priorities to keep you satisfied with every design step.

Keep us in mind to stay sustainable in a competitive construction market ready to boom in the Texas area, including Louisiana and Oklahoma.

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