Office Construction

Stovall Construction, Inc. is a company that specializes in commercial construction management. Our company possesses excellent general contractors that are highly skilled in the commercial construction industry and help our clients plan and build various types of commercial buildings. One of the areas we specialize in is office building construction, producing spaces that are comfortable, professional, and attractive.

We Build Some of the Best Office Buildings in the Industry

We take into account many different factors when working on office construction projects for our clients, including:

  • How many offices and conference rooms will be required?
  • Will the offices have to be private, semi-private, or open spaces?
  • What sort of amenities will be available, like kitchens, gyms, convenience stores, etc?
  • What size should the lobby be to accommodate traffic?
  • Which offices will have private toilets and which will utilize public restrooms?
  • How much storage space will be required?
  • What are the building and zoning codes for the region?
  • What parking spaces, indoor and outdoor, will be required?
  • And plenty of other questions to determine how to design and build an office space that is functional, efficient, and productive.

Office Building Construction from Stovall

Our experience in commercial construction management has helped us realize that our clients have various needs when it comes to office floor plans. There are many different types of plans available. Open office floor plans allow groups of people to work together, talk about their work, and share ideas freely. Cubicles allow people to talk but make it more difficult to spy on individual projects. Enclosed offices allow an occupant or occupants to work in privacy. We will work with your company to help you find the floor plan suitable for your needs.

Office construction contractors also have a variety of meeting place designs to choose from when designing an office building. Enclosed meeting rooms allow a large or small group of people to consult in private. Open meeting areas allow for informal meetings. Some enclosed rooms are designed for specific purposes like workshop. Our experienced employees will help you find the meeting space best suited to your company’s needs.

Another aspect of office construction is support spaces. These areas consist of a variety of areas that support secondary activities. Filing and storage areas fit into this category. Break rooms, kitchens, and locker rooms also fall into this category. Some modern office buildings have serviced office spaces which allow multiple companies to share some support facilities. We can help you choose and design the support spaces your company needs.

We Consider Form and Function

As a commercial construction management company, we understand that it is important for an office building to be both functional and attractive. With the excellent designs and contractor expertise of Stovall Construction, Inc., we can help your company build and design a space where you can work and relax. We will ensure that your work needs are met in a beautiful atmosphere that will promote productivity.

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