There are numerous construction companies in Texas to choose from, but very few of these companies can offer the quality, history and integrity of Stovall Construction, Inc. As a leader in commercial construction, Stovall Construction, Inc. is proud to work with clients to provide the best experience possible.

History of Successful Texas Construction Projects

In an industry where businesses come and go, Stovall Construction, Inc. has an impressive history. The company was founded in 1970 under the leadership of Jack Stovall. Jack had been in the business for a while, serving as a construction engineer for Conoco. However, while Jack was good at what he did, he found the work environment at Conoco to be less than appealing. It was this reason that he chose to branch out on his own, forming an industrial construction company that worked with clients rather than solely for its own interests.

These original founding principles of honesty and integrity are still essential to the company culture today. With over four decades as a commercial contractor in Texas, Stovall Construction, Inc. has built long standing relationships with clients throughout the state.

We Work With The Client

Clients who choose Stovall Construction, Inc. receive individualized attention from the start to the end. Clients are encouraged to be part of the decision making process, ensuring that every choice is based on the client’s needs and budget. Every construction project is completed with precision and efficiency, resulting in high quality new construction projects that are on time and within budget.

With so many years of experience, Stovall Construction, Inc. offers a wide range of services. On any given commercial project, clients can expect high quality results for everything from flooring to drywall and beyond. Stovall Construction, Inc. knows that every project is more than a building for clients. For clients, these projects are the future of their business.

Providing Comprehensive Construction Services

The comprehensive service options do not stop there. Stovall Construction, Inc. can also manage pre-construction, safety planning and project feasibility studies. Although the company excels in new construction projects, clients can choose renovation projects and remodeling as well. Stovall Construction, Inc. takes pride in handling all parts of the project, including quality assurance, design, subcontractor management, accounting and more.

Stovall Construction, Inc. has built its reputation as one of the best commercial construction companies in Texas. This has been true for four decades, and with Stovall Construction, Inc. and its absolute dedication to quality, it will be true for many years to come.

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Stovall Construction is one of the premier commercial construction companies in Texas that serves customers in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, Laredo, and other areas across the state of Texas.