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maintain businessStaying fresh in the restaurant business is a concept that goes much farther than the food in the kitchen that serves as the establishment’s calling card. This includes changing the look of the place to avoid the appearance of a dated idea or an expansion to accommodate an increase in the amount of business over the course of a year.

Undergoing restaurant renovations can create problems for those establishments that don’t take the issue seriously. That’s why it helps to work with a commercial construction company that has experience in this particular area, since making mistakes while remodeling a restaurant can end up turning a business expansion into an idea that simply drives business away.

This particular firm should be able to show some past work as a restaurant remodeling company that clearly indicates that they can handle all the aspects of the job. When it comes to the dining establishment itself, remodeling a restaurant while remaining open for business can be tricky to navigate, there are a number of ways to ensure that the clientele continues to visit. These include:

Have an Organized Plan

In working with the commercial construction company handling this job, make sure to plot out exactly where construction will be taking place. That includes determining specifically where construction materials will be located or dropped off, which will help avoid potential safety hazards for restaurant employees and any patrons.

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The restaurant should also take into account where the business records will be located. That’s because accessing them is something that’s usually a daily consideration, so keeping things safe beforehand will help. Also, having all the necessary permits can avoid an unexpected shutdown.

Acknowledge the Obvious

The sudden sight of a restaurant remodeling company hard at work can make some people change their mind about eating at an establishment. To avoid that, make sure to communicate to customers about the restaurant renovations through some form of signage. In addition, instruct your staff to note the renovations in their table greeting and, if manageable, offer some small discount as appreciation for their understanding.

Separate Pertinent Areas

People visit a restaurant for its ambience or the ability to freely chat with family or friends. They don’t want to have to smell paint or otherwise have their air quality compromised, especially while eating. They also don’t want to have to shout over the pounding of hammers or the sound of a drill.

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Avoiding this can be accomplished by making sure your HVAC unit is in good working order and containment of any particles stays within the area being renovated. Also, having soundproof barriers in place will give your customers the peace and quiet they’re seeking.

Consider After Hours Remodeling

In some cases, having the commercial construction company handle remodeling a restaurant when the establishment is closed works best. Most, if not all of the above problems can then be avoided. In some situations, that can mean an added cost to the renovations, but for those restaurants that are only open for dinner, this plan can work out perfectly.

The Veterans to Trust

Stovall Construction has been in the commercial construction business for more than 40 years. Over that lengthy period of time, we’ve been able to clearly establish ourselves as a restaurant remodeling company that gets the job done on time, in a professional manner and at a competitive price. So when you’re looking for a company to trust with your restaurant renovations, make sure to choose the folks at Stovall. Contact us today.

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