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technology in commercial constructionChange in the commercial construction industry within Texas can be seen in a variety of ways, yet technology’s role in making it happen is something that’s unmistakable to many observers. Whether it’s an entirely new structure or relates to a commercial remodeling project, contemporary technology has given this mature industry a new look.

Listed below are five examples of just how much of an impact this continuing phenomenon has had on the business world:

Streamlining Things

One of the most dreaded parts of a job for commercial contractors used to be the overload of paperwork that had to be dealt with, often on a daily basis. For the support staff, that meant making endless copies to have on hand or distribute, while the costs involved in simply making a bid cut into profits.

However, with the advent of digital technology, these issues can be addressed in rapid fashion and cut out many of those tedious chores in the process. The end result is that overall efficiency and a company’s bottom line are enhanced.

Apps and Drones

Just a decade ago, downloading apps was something that people playing online games did, not commercial contractors. Yet their value has been shown since then, which ties in with the streamlining aspect noted above. Besides allowing for more efficiency, apps that can be downloaded to handle areas like payroll or any number of different safety aspects.

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For those commercial construction projects that are being done over an extended area, being able to check on the pace of a project can be difficult or time-consuming. That’s changed with the availability of drones that can quickly scan a collective area, which is especially important for contractors that aren’t always on site.

Virtual Design and Construction

The advancement of things like virtual and augmented reality have been adapted to the construction industry, with both new and commercial remodeling projects using virtual design and construction (VDC) to make life easier.

In the past, blueprints and drawings required all involved in a building project to visualize the final product. With VDC, the level of detail that can be presented can help detect potential flaws beforehand, which can save both time and money.

Service to the Client

Information is valuable in this industry, with clients expecting to be kept in the loop on their particular project. Prior to cell phones, such communication might only happen once a day because the contractor didn’t have access to that technology.

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Yet the introduction of smartphones took such communication to a new level, with the client now able to not only hear from the contractor on a regular basis but also visually receive up-to-the-minute information. Photos or video of work-in-progress can be sent with a press of a button, making all sides happy.

Equipment Sensors

Work on any construction project requires equipment that’s maintained properly so that delays are minimized if not completely eliminated. Having sensors connected to equipment can make it easier to detect the onset of any problems.

That sort of alert can be invaluable because without it, commercial contractors can find their project grinding to a halt. However, getting a heads-up can allow for the problem to be quickly addressed.

Veterans in the Field

Stovall Construction has been around for over 40 years, yet our commitment to adapting new technology to our projects is still strong. So whether your commercial construction project is building something new or involves commercial remodeling, we want to work with you to ensure that it’s done right. Contact us today to get things started.

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